Frequently Asked Questions from Everyday Image 

Ordering & Payment Questions

Can I place an order over the phone?

If you would like to place an order over the phone, please feel free to call us at: 469-438-6129. We would be more than happy to walk you through our phone order process and answer any questions you may have about an item.


If I have a question about something on your website, who should I call?

Please feel free to call us anytime you have a question! We are here Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5pm. If we are busy in production, leave a name and number and message, we will get back to you.


Do I have to pay with a credit card online?

Yes, unfortunately, we are unable to take checks online. If you are local, and want to come by with a payment, we can arrange this as well.  Give us a call or email us.  

Is your payment site secure?

At Everyday Image, any payment information entered online is through a secure website. Your credit card number is never seen or stored by anyone. Any payment information given to us will not be sold or released to any third party establishments.


What is your refund policy?

Personalized items will not be refunded. Please make sure that you have checked over the initials and spelling before submitting your order. If you are unhappy with an item that has not been personalized, please call us to discuss your options. 


Shipping Questions

When will my item be shipped?

The normal shipping time is 2-3 days after the monogramming has been completed. An average arrival time is about 7-10 business days after the date the order is placed and all questions are answered. Some custom embroidery and vinyl monograms may take longer. We will notify you if this is the case.  Ordering during the holiday season may result in a longer shipping time. If you need an item rushed, please specify the date you need the order by when placing your order. We try to accommodate all customers as best we can.

 Is it possible to have an item gift wrapped?

We can gift wrap an item and include a message with the package. When placing the order, please specify if you would like gift wrapping and what you would like your message to say. We will gladly include these items with your package.

 How will my order be shipped to me?

Everyday Image ships all items via USPS. We have different shipping methods and are able to ship overnight. If you need to ship an item immediately, you must call the store at 469-438-6129 for shipping quotes.

I just received my order and the monogram’s wrong! What should I do?

Go back and check the submitted order. Make sure the monogram is typed exactly the way you wanted it. If the monogram is wrong and it’s our fault, we will gladly replace it! Just give us a call! 469-438-6129

Monogram Questions

Can you monogram items that are not bought from your store?

Yes! We can monogram virtually anything! If you would like something monogrammed from an outside store, you can do this one of two ways: You can mail the item in with the monogram, font type, and thread color (if you can send in a swatch of the color you want, that is very helpful). You can also bring it to us and we will help you pick your font type and thread color. Either way is fine. Charges range from $8.00 to $75.00, depending on the size of the monogram desired.  You will have to sign a waiver saying you are aware there is a chance of spoilage, and you will not hold Everyday Image accountable for this. 

Can I have my company’s logo embroidered on something?

Yes, we are able to digitize and embroider logos. If you have a logo you would like us to embroider, please bring us a picture of the logo and we can discuss your embroidering options. There is a small digitizing fee for this service. Please call for information and quotes.


Do you offer corporate and teen group pricing?

Yes!  Please take a minute and give us a call, or email us to discuss options. 

What order are the letters in a monogram?

It is a personal preference! Some people believe that the man goes on the left, a man never changes his last name, so it is Always Mike Hill and her name. Some people believe that the woman goes on the left because in a traditional wedding ceremony, the woman stands to the left of the man. Either way is perfectly acceptable. In both cases, the common last initial is larger in the middle.  For example, Mike and Hope Hill is MHH or HHM. For men, most people do the three initials straight across: Mike William Hill  would be MWH. For women, the last initial is still larger in the middle: Hope Tracey Hill would be HHT. It’s completely up to you! Please make sure that you check the order of your letters before submitting your order. We aim to please and will monogram your letters in the order that they are typed. If you would like them straight across, please specify that in the comments section of your order. This will ensure that you receive the monogram you want!

 What monogram font do you recommend for infants and small children?

For baby boys, we love the Jester font or Pharmacy for names and initials. For baby girls, we love the Curly or Mr Giggle font  for names and initials.


What monogram fonts do you recommend for young children and teens?

For young boys and teenage boys, we recommend the Block or College font for names and initials. We also recommend the circle or diamond fonts for initials. For young and teenage girls, curly and Mr Giggle fonts are still our favorite! Great Vibes is also very nice for single letter monograms.


What monogram fonts do you recommend for wedding items and items for adults?

For fancier initials, we recommend using monogram KK. For a simple, yet formal look, the round monogram font is also a great pick.


What fonts do you recommend for monograms smaller than one inch?

We would highly recommend using the block or curly fonts for small monograms. Any monogram smaller than one inch should be in one of those two fonts. Some fonts do not look as good in such small sizes and we want your item to look as wonderful as possible!


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